About Us

1. About Botswana Services

Botswana Services is a locally developed online business directory that assist various local companies and organizations. The web application performs a number of functions that initially help in the promotion of registered business information. This information can be used to assist customers in finding the necessary business service of their choice. This goes hand in hand with benefiting both the consumer body and the business body.

Why choose Botswana Services?

Botswana services has numerous benefits for the consumer and the business body.

The consumer gets access to numerous platforms such as mobile applications and USSD webpages. Consumers can also review the services that Botswana services provides thus provoking convenience.

The business body has access to a marketing honeypot when using this online service .They can put their services to a broader audience and this is a benefit. Botswana services offers free online advertisement for the first three months and free listing for 12 months. Botswana services also gives business users access to service reviews from customers thus helping in initial improvement of the business or organization.

Potential target market

Botswana services online directory has a target market of large scale businesses, small scale business and also individual consumer bodies looking for a service. Aside for this the online platform also targets private companies and government offices.


Botswana services online directory is a platform that is specifically designed as the middle man between the consumer and the business thus providing efficient ways for consumer /business mutual benefit.

Version 1.2 - Effective date: January 01,2022.